The trade mark INVET-ENART has been worked with health products for more than 23 years. We offer our customers time-tested products, efficacy of which is proven by thousands of our customers around the world.


Laser Vision training glasses that restore eyesight

Laser Vision glasses retrain the eye muscles: give the necessary strain to the weakened and unloading of the excessively strained eye muscles.

Laser Vision pinhole training glasses (glasses with holes) are suitable for adults and children and are necessary for every family, even if no one wears regular glasses.


To protect against fakes glasses lenses are marked with a relief inscription – Laser Vision


ENART devices

The ENART devices are non-invasive regulators of body functions. They create ideal conditions for the body to heal itself, using its own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides.

ENART therapy is successfully applied in cases when there is an allergy to medication, contraindications for surgical intervention and even when the disease is recognized as incurable.