Enart Technology

ENART – devices for non-invasive treatment. What is the idea behind the creation of ENART technology?

ENART technology is based on the concept that the human body is the most complex bioenergetics’ self-correcting system.
This system has an innate and inexhaustible ability to maintain energetic balance between organs and systems of the body. When the body goes out of balance – for any number of reasons – we often experience a certain ailment. Sometimes just a minor pulse is needed to make the body employ its internal energy to correct the imbalance and restore harmony and balance. ENART technology generates such an impulse.

I am using the device every day in my clinic – collecting information and gaining understanding on how best to apply the device. Also I am beginning to get a sense of when the patient has had enough treatment – when the body has started to respond and the initiation of changes in the body are occurring. I did not expect this to happen but I am developing an empathy with the ENART, a kind of unification of mind and machine as we are working together. Very exciting.

Alastair McLoughlin, Healthcare Practitioner, UK


How it works

The ENART devices are non-invasive regulators of body functions. They create ideal conditions for the body to heal itself, using its own internal pharmacy of neuropeptides.This allows the body to choose the most appropriate chemical combination for each particular condition.

 ENART devices also have dynamically changing signals, so when they are applied directly to skin, they achieve a “dialogue” (through biofeedback) between the body and the device. The signals operate mainly throughout the thin neuron C fibres that are distributed through 70% of the body, as well as working through the energy meridian system. Each signal from the device helps regulate the body’s functions and is controlled by the body through the biofeedback loop. No two consecutive signals from the device are ever the same.

This allows the treatment to be truly dynamic, adjusting for the state of the body at different times and as the person’s condition changes.