History and mission

INVET company was registered in 1992.

Sergey Solomko, a qualified engineer, instrument-making university graduate, is the founder of the company INVET. With his technical background, vision and initiative, he founded a company whose ultimate mission is to benefit humankind. 

Indeed, it is hard to envisage a more direct way to directly influence the health of the international community than to be involved in the production of ENART technology. These devices have given hope to those who lost it in the search for relief from their particular health problem. 

The INVET Medical Center opened in 1993. Since then it has been tireless in its quest to provide medical aid to the entire population. The staff employed in this center are dedicated and optimistic, characteristics inspired by witnessing the improvement and recovery of patients who have been dismissed or rejected for treatment by the allopathic medical establishment. 

During the past decade, the progress in this sphere of applied medicine has been remarkable. There has been a visible and growing demand for this technology. More people are seeking ENART training and ENART treatment globally. 

This demand has led to the creation of a consultative and commercial global structure, INVET.
This corporation is a partner company with other Russian and International companies, our technical expertise is wide and shared.
One of the objectives of this enterprise is to promote ENART technology globally. 

We take pride in our ENART 900 Series devices, which offers the best of both Scenar and Prologue technologies and became a break-through in the field of creation of biofeedback devices.
The new ENART 900 series devices include a whole range of such unprecedented functional capabilities.
Now via the Internet, regardless of your geographic location, you can access not only our state-of-the-art technology but also receive answers to your specific health questions from our qualified staff of doctors. Our team of physicians, interpreters, editors, programmers, and engineers will answer technical questions. All members of our staff are committed to progress and the promotion of health and are ready and available to assist you in your quest either for health or as a health provider.