Laser Vision glasses

Laser Vision glasses can improve and even restore your eyesight. Regular glasses don’t prevent your vision from deteriorating, whether with farsightedness or nearsightedness.

They only compensate for your vision loss. As time passes, your vision typically gets worse, so you need a new and stronger prescription. Laser Vision glasses retrain the eyes, exercising the eye muscles as well as providing relief from eyestrain.

очки Лазер Вижн

Clinical results for Laser Vision in Russia and Ukraine have been phenomenal. Typical improvement was about one or two dioptres per month. The eyesight of several patients has improved considerably, in others progressive deterioration has been stopped. There were cases observed when the improvement was four dioptres per month.

Anyone can benefit from Laser Vision glasses. You don’t need to worry about your prescription – these work for farsightedness, nearsightedness, asigmatism, asthenopia (tired eyes), and similar conditions.

They also diminish eye accommodation spasms and improve color and contrast sensitivity. Laser Vision glasses slow down cataract and glaucoma (in the early stages) and control the eyeball’s movements while the retinas exfoliate. Your eyes don’t accommodate to Laser Vision, so you can benefit from them indefinitely.

To restore vision, correct and keep it wear the glasses half an hour per day (you can write, read, watch TV or walk).

Laser Vision glasses work for both Grandmother’s presbyopia and her grandson’s progressing myopia. Every family needs Laser Vision, even if no one wears regular glasses. They will help you keep your vision.

Laser Vision is an ideal substitute for sun-glasses. They do not distort colors or darken your field of vision.

The eyeglasses are approved for medical practices in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Ukraine and in other countries.

Many opticians are already familiar with Laser Vision glasses and effectively use them in their practices.

Be careful!

Laser VisionFakes have appeared, for each pair of original glasses there are 7-8 fakes. They are much cheaper, but have no medical properties and even can bring a harm.

To protect against fakes glasses lenses are marked with a relief inscription – Laser Vision
When you buy Laser Vision glasses, make sure you get a genuine article and not a copy.


Check on the original seal (not xerocopy) of the CCC INVET in the user’s manual. Consultative & Commercial Centre INVET is an official distributor of Laser Vision products.

With your glasses, you will receive a booklet describing the way they work and how to use them.

The brochure with full information about Laser Vision and glasses can be ordered at the CCC INVET.