Eye gymnastics

This range of eye exercises will effectively train your eye muscles.


Exercise 1 “Geometry”
With your eyes open, slowly, in time with breathing, draw the figure eight in space:
horizontally, vertically, diagonally, move your eyes: to the right- to the left, up and down, diagonally, in a circle, in a rectangle.

Alternating with blinking, every exercise should be done 6 times – thrice a day.
This exercise will cause pain sensations to the eye muscles.

Exercise 2 “Blinking”
Initial position – stand or sit. Take a deep breath in, bend low forward and blink without breathing for 10 seconds. Do this exercise 6 times thrice a day.

Exercise 3 “Beetle`s Eyes”
Exhale and close the eyes while press eyelids together tightly for 6 seconds. While inhaling, open the eyes as widely as possible and stare for 6 seconds. Do this exercise six times thrice a day.

Exercise 4 “Solarization”
Sitting with closed eyes in front of a 60-100 watt lamp at a distance of 30 cm, stoop aside from light with an interval of 3-5 seconds. Do this exercise 2 times a day for 2-3 minutes. This exercise can be done under the sun’s rays bending to shadow.

Exercise 5 “Eye-bath”
Take water into your palms and splash on closed eyes.
In the morning – 10 times with warm water, and then 10 times with cold water.
In the evening – 10 times with cold water, and then 10 times with warm water.

Exercise 6 “Palming”
Close your eyes and cover them softly with the crossed palms in such a way that the bottoms of the little fingers (one placed over the other) are on the hard part of the nose bridge. The pressure of the hands should not restrict the breathing through the nose, which is important when doing the exercise. Hands are loosened, palms cavities are located exactly over the eye orbits and they do not touch either eyelids or eyelashes.

Open your eyes, make sure that it is completely dark and close them again. Relieve strain from the fingers, loosen the wrists and the elbows.

Relax your body muscles and turn off all your negative emotions.
The purpose of palming – to reach absolutely black field, which is possible with full relaxation of muscles of the body and mentality. The time of palming – the more, the better.
Palming is highly recommended after an exhausting load on eyes, after solarization or before going to bed (after eye-baths). Do this exercise not less than twice a day.

Exercise 7  “Near/Far”
Cut a circle out of the paper with the diameter 3 mm and fix it on the window at the distance of 30 cm from the eyes. Inhale while your visual attention is concentrated on this circle (3-5 seconds). With the exhalation, look at the distance without trying to see something (3-5 seconds).
On the first day of training, do this exercise for 1 minute. Every day (for 10 days) increase the time by 1 minute, then, in reverse order, reduce the time till 1 minute. Take a ten-day break and then repeat the procedure again.


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