Caution! Fakes.

The Laser Vision training glasses are the only medical glasses approved and recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The high efficiency of the Laser Vision glasses is proved in practice – glasses restore vision in cases of shortsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, successfully relieve fatigue and eye strain after working at the computer. Laser Vision training glasses are recommended to even healthy people to maintain good eyesight regardless of age.


For 15 years of work as an official exclusive distributor of Laser Vision training glasses a large number of people with various vision disorders addressed to the Consultative & Commercial Centre INVET.

Among them were those who used counterfeit products and this only aggravated their already poor eyesight. We asked our customers to bring those copies of glasses, the use of which did not bring them any benefit. They kindly agreed, thereby giving you the opportunity to learn not on your own but from the mistakes of others.

Remember that apart from the original products, there are many counterfeits of Laser Vision glasses – it is so-called glasses with holes or pinhole glasses sold under the guise of medical products, but because of the irregular shape, the placement or the violation of technology, which seriously damage the eyesight.
In order to avoid misunderstandings, purchase Laser Vision products from CCC INVET, the official exclusive distributor, on-line with delivery to your city.