Do training glasses help?

Training glasses, pinhole glasses, glasses with holes, “Relax” and “Super Vision” glasses, and others — today can be found in drugstores, opticians, markets and on the Internet. But how useful and effective are the training glasses and whether they are suitable for everyone? Or maybe, they are harmful, and it is necessary to avoid eye contact with them?

The army of practitioners and theorists has been growing for years and managed to split into two camps: those who indiscriminately advise each and every one to wear training glasses, and those who say that there is no point in using them and are not advise to buy into promotion stunt.

Where is the advertising gimmick and where is the scientific nonsense?
One should not think that training glasses really treat each and every one – it is not a panacea, but a medical device that has its own indications and limitations during use.


In what cases do Laser Vision glasses help? Training glasses help with:
• short-sightedness;
• long-sightedness (hypermetropia);
• presbyopia;
• astigmatism with various pathologies;
• asthenopia – fatigue or eye strain, often associated with prolonged work, prolonged reading or playing at the computer, watching TV and expressed in redness, eyesight, lachrymation, headache and fatigue;
• anisometropia (unequal power of vision of both eyes);
• for various types of eye grounds pathology (color perception pathology – nondistinction or inexact distinction of colors, contrast sensitivity – bad discrimination at the same brightness of the object and background).

Glasses are not recommended: with exotropia and nystagmus, because they cannot help in these cases.
Contraindications: high intracranial or intraocular pressure, as well as any other visual or physical strain, in both cases.

What is the difference between training and regular glasses?
Regular glasses are like removable prosthesis that replaces the lost vision functions. The purpose of training glasses – is to train the human eye to restore the lost vision function. Thus, the usual glasses cardinally differ from the training glasses: some replace the lost functions, while others restore them.

What is the difference between training glasses and regular trainers?

The operating principle of training glasses differs little from regular trainers. Regular trainers don’t work in themselves, dusting in the corner or lying on the shelf.

Any trainers provide benefit only if you practise on a regular basis and do this in strict adherence to instructions. For training glasses – it’s 30 minutes a day.

However, regular trainers involve difficult physical work, and as for training glasses – it is enough to just put them on and eye muscles, without effort on your part, begin to work. This is a significant advantage of training glasses that gives greater freedom in choosing activities and saving time in comparison with regular trainers.

So, in training glasses you can read, write, work at a computer or do household chores while you training, that is impossible on other trainers.

Can the training glasses help to reduce eye fatigue due to high strain, for example, after work at the computer?

The other feature of the training glasses – is the relaxing properties.

The special principle of the structure of the glasses allows not only to train the weakened muscles, but also to remove muscles fatigue, which are on a constant tension.

This property of glasses is successfully used for the prevention of various pathologies, when diagnosis – shortsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism can be avoided, and the appearance of such symptoms as redness, eyelid swelling, eye pain – to eliminate.

What risk does high strain pose the eyes? What will happen if you do not train visual muscles or do not give them rest during the day?

If not to pay the attention to the occurrence of asthenopia or discomfort in the eyes – the appearance of eyesight dimout, Gritty eyes, eye irritation or lacrimation, it can lead to spasm of the visual muscles. Spastic stricture of an accommodation, in its turn, in the absence of measures to remove it, leads to the development of such a disease as shortsightedness.

In order to avoid bad consequences, it is necessary to carry out a number of activities: do gymnastics for the eyes – it’s the first, watch your posture – the second, workplace illumination – the third, and every hour take breaks at work on 5-10 minutes – the fourth.
Training glasses are effective at all stages of the development of the disease and help not only to prevent vision deterioration, but also to restore it.

What is the difference between training glasses, pinhole glasses and glasses with holes among themselves?

Poddelky-1The majority of the training glasses presented in the market do not have Hygienic certificates which confirm that the product is at least harmless. Therefore, at best, when wearing such glasses, vision won’t be damaged.

The only glasses that successfully passed medical tests and confirmed their healing and prophylactic capacities are Laser Vision training glasses. The tests were performed on the basis of several clinics in Russia and Ukraine, they received positive reviews from specialists – ophthalmologists and recommendations for a wide medical application.

How to protect yourself from poor quality products?

Laser VisionTo protect against fakes, now the Laser Vision inscription and the address of the site are applied to the inside of the lenses. This inscription guarantees the purchase of glasses that have healing properties.

CCC Invet has been the official exclusive distributor of Laser Vision glasses for 15 years on the territory ofCIS countries.

When buying the Laser Vision training glasses in the retail points of sale, make sure this inscription is marked on lenses or purchase the glasses directly from CCC Invet by placing your order at the official website, in this case you can be convinced that you are purchasing the glasses which helps save and improve your vision.