Since we had purchased Laser Vision glasses last autumn, we – and we’re three in the family – haven’t stopped using them. Every one has had his or her personal impression and sensations but the eye conditions we have are serious and different, too. My husband suffers with the left

Laser Vision testimonialseye cataract and has his right lens replaced but wearing the glasses has stopped any further deterioration and he still drives the car. Me, I have the right eye cataract. We realize that one ought not to expect quick results, so we keep making those exercises and instructions included in the ”Laser Vision User’s Manual”. My granddaughter’s vision, she’s 11 years old, had improved, too. She had slight myopia and now her vision is normal. Thank you very much for your care. Sincerely yours, the Prikhodchenkos.                      

N.I. Prikhodchenko, city of Melitopol, Ukraine

The Laser Vision glasses we had bought from you were very useful for all our family. We use for approximately 2 hours a day and we noticed some improvement in visual acuity. We are very thankful to you.
Best regards, the Roochiy family.                                                                                    

 P.S. Roochiy, Poltava region, Ukraine


отзывы очки тренажерыI’m 53 years old and I’m electric welder. By my 50s, my vision had gone worse and I was forced to buy +2.5 glasses. When I heard about the Laser Vision glasses I called your enterprise and soon I received a pair. For 4 months I wear them to watch television for half an hour.Usually I have one or two days break a week. So, now I can report an improvement in my vision.                                                

D. Menklebey, city of Donetsk, Ukraine


I want to express my thanks to all those who had worked out the Laser Vision glasses. They made me forget what is pain or strain in my eyes. Now, I can watch TV, or read, or make my studies until late at night.
Because of the Laser Vision glasses, a sensation that my overstrained eyes would burst is no longer present.
Sincerely yours, Kathrin Gerchen’uk, Odessa region, Ukraine


I am 60. I damaged my eyesight when I was a child, as I did my schoolwork using a kerosene lamp. All my life I have studied and worked on tracings and drawings as I am a naval architect and engineer. I used to read without glasses but could barely see past the end of my nose. I required glasses for long distance vision but found it difficult to read while wearing them. Last year I had a suspected glaucoma.
It’s been a year since I’ve started to use Laser Vision glasses.
I do the exercises several times a day. And find now that I am better able to read when wearing my normal glasses. It is important to persevere with the glasses and exercises. They can cause no harm only benefits. These glasses are quite expensive for a pensioner but I do not regret buying them. The main point is not to be lazy, not to lose one’s hope of success and not to forget to use the glasses.
Sincerely yours, Rimma Kourshina, city of Feodosia, Ukraine


Two months ago I purchased the Laser Vision training glasses from INVET. All this time I used them two times a day for 30 minutes and did special eye exercises but did not use my eye bath. My vision was + 2 and went up to +1. I am still using the Laser Vision glasses.  

V. N. Kovalenko, city of Lugansk, Ukraine


I thank the center “INVET” for taking care of people health problems and this comes from the bottom of my heart. Four years ago I purchased the Laser Vision medical glasses (I would rather call them training glasses). And I came to buy them again, this time for my aunty who visited me and was curious about these ‘strange glasses with holes’. She took them to try on and became charmed and dizzy. ‘I see, I see the small letters on the screen. I’ve never been able to read them. And to watch a film, I had to seat so close that I blocked others from viewing’. My aunt was delighted with them. To please her, I decided to give her a pair for her birthday.
Four years ago I had astigmatism and shortsightedness -3 in both eyes. Now it is -0.75, but I really do not have time to do the exercises and the myopia may get worse. So now I watch TV and work on the computer with the Laser Vision glasses on. I would like to express my undying gratitude for this miraculous trainer, a painless and effective remedy for vision problems.
Sincerely yours, Yulia Gerasimenko, city of Odessa, Ukraine

I express my heartfelt thanks to the inventor of the Laser Vision glasses. To tell you the truth, when I first got to know about these glasses, I could not believe that at my age even minor effect was possible. Each time after I visited my optician I just have to change my current lenses for stronger ones. Moreover, my hospital doctor told me once that I had an incipient cataract and recommended an operation. Year after year my eyesight has deteriorated… Until I acquired the Laser Vision glasses.
For four straight months I strictly followed all the recommendations and did all the exercises that came from you with the glasses. And the effect of wearing the Laser Vision has been striking. My eyesight has improved from +6.5D up to +3.5D, and the mist before my eyes and my eyestrain have disappeared. I can now see things around me perfectly, can read newspapers and books, and also watch TV. I am very pleased with the results and continue to wear my favorite glasses every day for further improvement of my eyesight.
Many thanks for these miraculous glasses.
Faithfully yours, F. I. Tomashevsky, veteran of the Second World War, Chernigov region, Ukraine


очки Лазер Вижн, отзывыI purchased Laser Vision glasses on my optician’s advice. Since then my vision has been improving. Now for reading I can use +1.5D glasses while before I wore +2.5D. Our grandson has benefited a great deal from wearing Laser Vision. He spent hours sitting at the computer, letters and figures became blurred so that he could hardly read them and his eyes smarted. When we examined his eyesight, it was 20/40 in both eyes. The optician recommended our grandson to do the prescribed exercises and to wear Laser Vision glasses each day for 15 minutes. In two weeks our grandson’s vision became normal. Our joy was boundless because this is the Laser Vision that helped him so much. And now, when our grandson comes to see us, he usually hastens to use the Laser Vision glasses and even reads with them. Many thanks to the firm for these training glasses that brought joy to our family.    

L. M. Posmitnaya, city of Odessa, Ukraine

Hello, dear members of the INVET!
I bought the training glasses from you and was using them regularly. Now my vision has stopped getting worse. Before I couldn’t recognise people even when they were only 5 metres away, I could only make out their voices. Right now I’m fine, I know people again, I plant in my kitchen garden and work in it by myself. Before, I had to hire workers to do the weeding, as I couldn’t see a thing. I thank you very much for these glasses. Two people in my village told me they wanted to buy them, too. One man needs them for himself; the other would like them for his daughter, a schoolgirl. So, I am a good advertisement for you in my village. It also seems that my cataract has stopped developing, so I will keep on using my favorite glasses.
Thanks a lot once again, you make us, the aged, glad and happy because we recover our health!
Yours truly, Ye. D. Gradnikova, Mykolayiv region, Ukraine

So many thanks for these wonderful glasses called Laser Vision! It’s a real miracle! In January and February, I put them on and read every evening for 30 minutes. The inevitable occurred! I need no glasses now to read. Laser Vision contributed to recover my vision. I’m kindly grateful. Good luck!
Sincerely yours, V. K. Vitkovska, city of Kharkiv, Ukraine


My little daughter had a medium myopia and myopic astigmatism. As soon as I heard about the miraculous Laser Vision glasses, I took her to the optician’s consultation room where she used these glasses each day for a month, for thirty minutes.
laser VisionDuring this time, my daughter’s eyesight improved by 50%. But after we stopped doing the exercises, her eyesight began to get worse again. I realized that you needed to wear the glasses for half an hour every day, like morning exercises. So I decided to buy a pair for my family use. I saw a lot of similar pin-holed glasses in various shops and drugstores but was afraid to buy a counterfeit. Our optician told me where the Consultative & Commercial Centre “INVET” can be found, and I bought them there. I did so because this is the only known dealer in the Ukraine that sells Laser Vision glasses of the best brand, because they have shown their high efficacy on correcting my daughter’s eyesight and also because I do not want to risk my daughter’s health. Now her eyesight is normal, but she continues to regularly wear the glasses, as all other members of my family do, to keep, correct and improve their eyesight.
Many thanks to the creators of this wonderful eye instrument.                                            

N. A. Fedorchuk, Odessa region, Ukraine

очки Лазер Вижн, отзывыCan you please send me another pair of Laser Vision glasses (for my relatives). In my personal experience, they are really effective. Despite the negative opinions of many opticians who deny their effectiveness, the use of these glasses has allowed me to improve 5 units of astigmatism.
And finally, why do you not advertise Laser Vision worldwide? There are so many people, especially children, who suffer from eyesight conditions!
Sincerely, N.I. Khudenko, city of Kryvyj Rig, Ukraine


Dear workers of the Consultative & Commercial Centre INVET!
I want to tell you about the results I’ve got with Laser Vision glasses. From the first day, when I began to wear them, my eyesight began to improve, and I no longer wore my old glasses. After eight months I stopped putting the Laser Vision glasses on, and for two months, I wore no glasses at all. At once, my eyesight started to get worse, and I realised how much the Laser Vision glasses had helped me. I’m very grateful to the creator of these glasses. May God bless your Center, give you and your family members health, happiness and welfare and success in your work.

Yours faithfully, Barbara I. Shinkarenko, Kirovogradskaya region, Ukraine

During the past few years my vision has deteriorated considerably. I have been examined and tested thoroughly and followed any prescribed treatment. However, my vision did not improve. On the contrary, it seemed to get worse. My last prescription glasses were – 10 diopter. A friendЧтение в очках тренажере introduced me to a doctor who advised me to use Laser Vision glasses. After four months of continual use there has been a marked improvement in my eyesight. Today my prescription glasses are -6d, however I continue to use the Laser Vision glasses as much as possible as I am afraid that my sight may not continue to improve or worse still deteriorate. Laser Vision not only improves my eyesight but also my visual perception is sharper; things are clearer and colours more alive.                            

Now when I am reading or watching TV, my eyes do not get tired and do not hurt any more. I would like to thank the inventor of this wonderful device because through this I am able to see again! Laser Vision is a miracle of this century!                                                  

I. V. Ljashenko, city of Odessa, Ukraine


I received the glasses today. Thank you for all your help. I will tell my friends of your excellent products and good service.                                                                        

Marjorie Isaacs, USA

I am interested in finding out the price of the Laser Vision glasses. I have a pair and want to buy a pair for a friend. They really do work to improve my vision.                                

Ellie Schirra, USA

I did receive Laser Vision and I am now using them for 30 minutes daily. I have seen some improvements in two weeks. Thank you once again for your prompt delivery.                  

 Ralph Jagodka, USA

Thank you for the 5 pairs of Laser Vision glasses that arrived this morning. I think everybody here has tried them on! I can certainly see more clearly with them on. I will take them home and do the exercises so I can throw away my glasses in a month or two.

Roger Meacock, UK

I am satisfied with my purchases. The laser glasses are just magic. Two people tried them who wore glasses for 15 years and yet could read fine print with the laser glasses! Just amazing.                                                                                                                      

Robert Beheit, South Australia