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Devices with biofeedback - for natural healing of the body

Today, the effectiveness of biofeedback therapy is beyond doubt. There are cases when even pathologies traditionally considered incurable have receded under its influence.
Electropulse exposure is a unique method for self-regulation of organs and body systems.
Devices carry out this exposure with the help of certain pulse parameters. 
Depending on the body's reaction influencing impulses are modified, which provides biological feedback. This effect is based on launching the body's recovery reserves to bring about healing.
Biofeedback helps to control bodily functions naturally, such as:
• heart rate;
• breathing;
• muscle tension;
• blood flow in the vessels;
• tone.
Regular sessions with biofeedback machines enhance or, conversely, weaken certain physiological indicators of the body, activating self-regulation systems.

Management of the recovery process is the main principle of biofeedback therapy

The use of biofeedback devices is based on development of the process of self-regulation of the body in order to improve the state of health.
Originally this method was used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but the scope of problems for which biofeedback machines can be used are constantly expanding.
Biofeedback devices have recently shown themselves to be effective in the treatment of many diseases. This is perhaps one of the few methods where a person can actively participate in their therapy.
Exposure to biofeedback devices allows you to:
• relieve nervous tension;
• establish sleep patterns;
• get rid of migraines and headaches;
• normalize pressure.
It has a positive effect on the state of the psyche, increases efficiency and stimulates mental activity.

In what cases will the use of biofeedback equipment be effective?

Today, significant advances have been made in the treatment of a wide range of diseases:
• in the gastrointestinal tract;
• of  ENT organs;
• of the respiratory and nervous systems;
• infectious diseases;
• gynecological diseases;
• violations of the genitourinary system.
The list of diseases which biofeedback treatments will help is extensive:
• hypertension;
• vegetovascular dystonia; 
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children and adolescents;
• urinary incontinence;
• asthma;
• stuttering;
• depression;
• chronic fatigue syndrome.
Biofeedback devices are successfully used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and pain of various origins.

Biofeedback treatments help to prevent or delay the development of the disease, which is an important measure of preventive medicine.

Benefits of using biofeedback devices

Biofeedback devices can be used without medical education and special training, following the instructions in the User’s Manual.
The main advantages of application are:
• impact on the cause of the disease, not its consequences;
• wide scope of application;
• lack of discomfort;
• for children (from the first day of life) and adults;
• for impact on animals;
• the ability to refuse medication.
Devices with biofeedback ENART® by Consultative & Commercial Centre "INVET" allow you to find the exact place of impact to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect.
With the help of ENART® devices, the body's resources are launched for recovery processes.

Biofeedback devices can be used both for both home use and in medical practice.
CCC "INVET" offers promising and modern products for health improvement:
1. ENART®, SCENAR, PROLOGUE - for the treatment of various diseases.
2. LASER VISION® training glasses - to improve and restore vision.