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Featured ENART 907-L1

ENART 907-L1

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For personal and family use the ENART® 907-L1 device is highly recommended. The ENART 907-L1 is ...
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Featured ENART 907-L2

ENART 907-L2

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ENART 907-L2 is a real workhorse, which gives real potential when using it and pays for itself in ju...
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Featured ENART 911-L1

ENART 911-L1

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The ENART® 911-L1 is an advanced biofeedback device with a wide range of treatment modes and cus...
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Featured ENART 911-L2

ENART 911-L2

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ENART 801-V5

ENART 801-V5

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Enart 801-v5 is a model of biofeedback device for personal/home and for professional usage. ...
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ENART®* devices that heal without drugs
ENART devices - a method of natural non-invasive treatment of the body

How ENART devices work

ENART devices regulate body functions using electrical signals by activating the internal pharmacy of neuropeptides. The body regenerates neuropeptides at the expense of its own internal resources.

The ENART device – using biological feedback

Influenced by impulses from ENART devices, changes occur in the physiological state of

the human body; the impulses are also regulated by the body. This phenomenon is called biological feedback.


The impulses from ENART devices are very similar in parameters to the natural electrical impulses of the body. They are tuned to the needs of the body and that is why the treatment in each case is individual and unique.

Are ENART devices effective?

Many device users call them a miracle and consider it almost a panacea. Indeed, even diseases considered incurable are treatable with the devices. 

Patients who get ENART treatment expect relief from pain or other symptoms, but often the effect exceeds these expectations.

Even chronic diseases are successfully treated, although not quickly and not at the click of the fingers - here you need an understanding of the causes of the disease, patience and time.

There are contraindications to the use of devices. The main thing is the presence of a pacemaker (solely for safety purposes).

When treating with ENART devices, the use of antibiotics,  antidepressants and steroids is not advisable. Their use can interfere with the effect of impulses and the achievement of the best results of therapy.

Pharmacology, physiotherapy or surgery?

The main well-known methods of treatment are surgery, pharmacology and physiotherapy.

Therapy with drugs mostly does not cure, but only suppresses symptoms whilst having various side effects.
Physiotherapy as a whole also has limited application and effectiveness to some extent. The surgical method - used, as a rule, in extreme cases - requires the use of anaesthesia and may have various complications.

Physiotherapy is not used in all cases, and its effectiveness in the treatment of many diseases is low; it is used as an auxiliary method.

Regardless of the method of treatment, it is always important to establish the correct diagnosis in order for the treatment to produce the best results.

enart-devicesThe uniqueness of ENART devices lies in the fact that they independently diagnose and "select" the treatment, that is, the required electrical influence.

What is important is that how the body can cope with ailments using internal resources, and the body's potential is usually high. ENART devices use it, therefore even the most complex diseases retreat under the influence of the devices’ impulses.

A holistic approach, improving the entire system rather than treating a single organ, is what distinguishes treatment with ENART devices from other types of treatment.

Is there a future for treatment with ENART devices

Considering the capabilities of ENART devices: their ease of use; the lack of need for special training, they can be called both "ambulance" and "family doctor" at the same time.

Traditional methods of medicine have many limitations, but this is not so in treatment with ENART devices.

The effectiveness of ENART has been proven by many cases in practice. You just need to follow the instructions and do not self-medicate without a diagnosis.

Also, it is possible for qualified doctors to use ENART devices, both as the main treatment and as an addition to the main one.

"I use the device every day in my clinic - I collectenart-therapy-reviews information and gain understanding,
how best to use the device. I also begin to understand when the patient has received a sufficient impact - when the body begins to respond and initiate changes in the body.
I did not expect this to happen, but empathy develops in me for the ENART device, a kind of unification of mind and machine takes place in the course of our joint work. It's very exciting. "

Alastair McLaughlin, Medical Practitioner, UK

There are many application cases of ENART:
use of meridians on the acupuncture system instead of needles;
application on the ear microsystem;
exposure through trigger points (zones) or on dermatomes.

Specialists who work with the spinal nervous system with ENART device therapy can significantly reduce or completely relieve patients’ back pain.

ENART - price and how to buy devices

To find out the price or buy ENART devices, fill out the application form and we will answer all your questions and points of interest.

*ENART® - is a registered trade mark of Consultative and Commercial Center “INVET”

Review on the device ENART

Having my Enart devices for decades now has changed our lives and we want you to know our gratitude for your dedications to your work.

Denise DeLalio, United States




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