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ENART 907-L1 biofeedback device

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For personal and family use the ENART® 907-L1 device is highly recommended. The ENART 907-L1 is ideal for novice users; easy to follow instructions make working with the device so easy that even a child can operate it. In the ENART device you will find a true friend and reliable assistant for your body, which will lead you to quick recovery in a surprisingly simple and easy way. ENART 907-L1 – semi-professional device. The ENART 907-L1 biofeedback device is suitable for both home and professional use. The ENART 907-L1 device is a semi-professional model, which has 8 modes and an ability to adjust the parameters of the output pulse, including the First phase pulse amplitude parameter.


Features of the device ENART® 907-L1

 8 stimulation modes:

- Diagnost 1 - Individually dosed/ Diagnostic mode, with the stimulation frequency set at 60 Hz;

- Constant 1 – mode for continuous stimulation;

- Interval – intermittent or interval mode;

- FmVar - mode with maximum variable dynamics (frequency varies in the range of 30 Hz - 180 Hz);

- EN - General purpose stimulation mode with automatically adjustable amplitude of the first phase in accordance with biofeedback from the body (non-adjustable);

- SC - Special stimulation mode for the treatment of a wide range of conditions, both chronic and acute, also in case of injury or trauma (non-adjustable);

- CS - Special stimulation mode for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, in cosmetology, for the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system and for the treatment of zones on the upper and lower extremities (non-adjustable);

- SM - Special stimulation mode for the treatment of diseases of  musculoskeletal system (non-adjustable).

With the ENART 907-L1 you can much more effectively treat the full range of diseases and injuries with just one device.

For the first time, with the ENART 907-L1 device, the practitioner can adjust the amplitude of the first phase pulse from 25V to 80V.

• It has eight (8) operating frequencies;

• Gives the possibility of express analysis of the treated zone;

• Allows setting to the minimum energy level of the output signal for the treatment of very sensitive areas (for example, the treatment of mucous membranes) and application in pediatrics;

• With the "SENS" parameter of the ENART 907-L1 you can adjust the sensitivity of the device;

• "ECONOM" parameter of the ENART 907-L1 device allows for reduction in power consumption and extension of battery life;

• It is possible to change the number of impulses in the package (parameter “Intens”) and the distance between the impulses in the package (parameter “Z”).

It is possible to connect probes (remote additional electrodes) to the ENART 907-L1 which enhance the capabilities of the Device and assist in treating areas that are difficult to access.

The main advantage of the ENART 907 is that if you are non-professional user or a practitioner with a limited budget, you can buy the ENART® 907-L1 - a semi-professional model.

After a while, when you decide you can purchase a set of additional functions you can update from the ENART 907-L1 to a full-function ENART 907-L2 - a Professional model.

You will get Update instructions arrive by email and the device remains in your hands.

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