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ENART 907-L2

In more detail: what about viral infections, I achieve good results with the ENART 907-L2 device in EN mode. If it is the upper respiratory tract, then one session is enough. If we talk about serious diseases like hepatitis, I test which organs are damaged and work with them and their connecting organs. In these cases, 5-10 sessions until the viruses are detected by tests. The mode is also EN. Other modes of the device are excellent. Additionally, I use massage and rubbing.

What about convenience. This leather case is good for home use. If the device is transported on a trip (which is currently relevant due to viruses), it would be nice to have some kind of case or box that is stronger, not afraid of impact or compression between things in the backpack. Of course, I saved it (from damage), but it would be very convenient. Albeit at an additional cost. A positive feedback about a wonderful device is already the fact that my friends have made a large order from you.

Eugenijus V, Lithuania

ENART 911-L2

I gratefully appreciate your precise instructions on the use of my ENART 911-L2 device!
Thank you very much and I also want to say "thank you" to the experts who have provided these precious instructions.

I feel the obligation to provide short information to you about a true life success story about the treatment of my trigger thumb (on right hand) with the ENART device.

For nearly 6 month I had to deal with an annoying problem concerning my right thumb. Once during work I had insulted my right hand including the right thumb. The persistent health problem resulting from that injury had been "trigger thumb".
I started treatment with ENART 911-L2 at a daily base.
In the beginning things improved at a very slow pace until I found out that Mode QS (Quick Start), submode "INFLAMED" was in my case the best mode to tackle with this annoying trigger thumb problem. I put the energy level on a very high level (between 80 to 95 percent).
But I was patient and did daily treatment sessions from 30 minutes to 60 minutes (about 40 minutes on average). After two weeks things improved substantial and fast.
Now after about two month of treatment I can say that things have improved tremendously. This ailment has nearly completely vanished (only some tiny rest symptoms only in the very early morning - but without any pain! - when the joints of the thumb and fingers have some kind of stiffness inside after the end of the sleeping phase).
Again many many thanks to you and your engineers for providing such a wonderful, such a paramount healing device! (I deeply hope that my ENART-device will last a very long time!)

Andreas T, Austria


My name is Alain Dubois. I live in France next to Paris. 
Two weeks ago I hurt my leg while walking in my garden. It was really painful, and it was very difficult to sleep and I was not able to go to work on my bicycle like I'm used to. A few days after I went to the Doctor Who gave me some drugs, but it was not working very well.
My Ukrainian friend recommended me to try ENART and then I even if I was not initially convinced, I decided to try it. After the first session I started to feel really better, sleeping again much better. After the second one I didn't feel my pain anymore and I was able to walk normally. Today I restarted to run in the forest with my dogs and tomorrow I hope I will be able to go with my bicycle to work again. 
So thank you and ENART, it really works.

Alain Dubois, France