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The Prologue-02 is a biofeedback device incorporating a display panel for professional and home use....
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Prologue – device of first aid for health

Every person gets sick from time to time, gets diseases and injuries.prologue-devices-photo

Often we need to maintain immunity or protection against infections.

These issues are solved by the Prologue device from CCC "INVET".

This is a unique physiotherapy apparatus operating according to the biofeedback method.

Biofeedback therapy is effective and time-tested

The therapeutic effect is to activate the immune system through the signals sent by the device, and automatically change these signals according to the response from the body.
Prologue emits short pulses, the shape of which is constantly changing.

Impulses are similar to those that occur when information is transmitted along the nerves.

This is called adaptive neurostimulation and is carried out percutaneously on various organs - pathological and reflexogenic zones.

Proper use of the Prolog tool leads to amazing results:
the pain syndrome of various origins disappears;
improves blood and lymph flow, which is especially useful for people with a tendency to thrombosis and high cholesterol;
as organs and vessels are supplied with blood, the risk of stroke and heart attack is reduced;
vessels are toned, pressure is normalized;
metabolism is stimulated, immunity is strengthened;
there is a full or partial restoration of the lost functions.
Treatment with the Prolog device improves overall well-being, normalizes sleep, and increases physical and mental activity.

Prolog is easy to use and reliable

Its advantages:
used in conjunction with remote electrodes of various configurations
can be combined with thick and liquid medical ointments for more effective therapy;
affects any areas of the body;
reliable, made of impact-resistant metal;
is of high quality at an affordable price.
Prologue is designed for a wide range of users, can be used in professional activities or at home. Portable, lightweight, fits comfortably in the hand. No special preparation is required for use.

Scope of usage of the device Prologue:

Treatment with the Prolog device is effective in acute and chronic forms of diseases:


peripheral and central nervous systems;
musculoskeletal system;
respiratory organs;
circulatory systems;
gastrointestinal tract;
urinary system.

Prologue is useful in rehabilitation after surgical interventions, as it practically eliminates postoperative pain, reduces the likelihood of bleeding. Helps to quickly cure bruises, injuries, sprains.

It is used as part of complex therapy for inflammatory dental diseases and ENT organs.
It is indispensable as a prophylactic during the flu season and SARS, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome, reduces stress levels, and eliminates the manifestations of intoxication in the body.

Efficiency of Prologue confirmed clinically

The device has passed numerous clinical trials. It is successfully used in many state and non-state medical institutions, and by private practitioners.

It has been proven that the combination of traditional therapy with electromedicalPrologue-efficiency-photo exposure contributes to the early disappearance of symptoms, the normalization of laboratory parameters, and the improvement of the body's immune response.

The Prologue device offered by INVET makes it possible to reduce the volume of drug therapy, to almost completely abandon painkillers, thereby reducing drug treatment to a minimum.

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