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ENART 907-L2 biofeedback device

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ENART 907-L2 is a real workhorse, which gives real potential when using it and pays for itself in just the first few months. 

Now it is only necessary to carry out only a few procedures to notice a positive result, although before the release of ENART 907-L2, from 8 to 10 procedures or even several courses of treatment were required for treatment with biofeedback devices.


ENART 907-L2 - professional device

The device ENART 907-L2 (907 level 2) is a professional model but can also be used as a home model.

ENART 907-L2 device has 16 modes with the option to change the parameters of the output pulse.
It has eight (8) operating frequencies (350, 290, 230, 160, 100, 60, 30, 16 Hz); 
Allows express analysis of the treated area; 
Changes the number of peaks in a pulse waveform (“Intens” parameter) from 1 to 8 and distance between peaks in a pulse waveform (“Z” parameter) from 10 to 80 units.
It allows for a minimum energy level for use in pediatrics and on hypersensitive areas (e.g. tongue, genitals); 

Practitioners who use devices from different manufacturers (Scenar, Prologue, etc.) note that each specific model effective in certain health conditions.

Some devices are more effective for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system while others are best suited for treatment of internal organs; still others are more effective in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc. Such specific therapeutic effects are surely dependent on the amplitude level of the first phase pulse.

All models are characterized by their own level of the amplitude of the first phase pulse. The amplitude level has previoiusly always been a strictly defined factory setting, which the user could not adjust. For the first time in the ENART 907 device, the user can adjust the amplitude of the first phase pulse from 25 V to 80 V. With the ENART 907-L2 you can much more effectively treat the full range of diseases/injuries with just one device.

Adjusting the amplitude of the first phase pulse allow user of ENART 907-L2 to do this.
Now, the user/practitioner will no need to buy different devices to treat different specific diseases, but only one for whole range of diseases.

Main characteristics:

Has the basic functions of a professional model; 
It can easily be switched to a simplified model for personal/home use (4 exposure modes without the capability to adjust the parameters) and semi-professional (8 exposure modes with the capability to adjust the parameters);
Has a variable first-phase pulse amplitude modulation (AM) mode (8 AMVAR ranges), there is no such possibility in any of these devices; Serhii – I’m not sure if you mean here that you can’t do this with other devices? If so change this to read “it is not possible to do this with other devices”.
“ECONOM” parameter - allow for extension of battery life and reduced power consumption.
“SENS” parameter - the ability to set the sensitivity of the device;
The sensitivity parameter (SENS) allows you to use the device on any parts of the body, as well as on people with any type of skin, whereas before in many cases it was impossible.

For example, sometimes it is difficult for the device to trace contact on coarse or very dry skin, which makes working with such parts IMPOSSIBLE. Sometimes the user has to press the device very hard against the skin to establish contact. Or when placing the built-in electrodes of the device to certain skin or very wet skin, the device detects contact with the skin without even touching it (at some distance from it).

This problem is solved by adjusting the "SENSITIVITY" setting; this makes the operation of the device correct in each specific case, significantly expands the possibilities for the user and also facilitates their work.

The ENART 907-L2 is the technological solution to enable our customers to have the most customized (individualized) yet comprehensive natural healing device.

ENART 907-L2 has a socket for connecting probes (additional remote electrodes) which allow you to expand the capabilities of the device and help with the treating of hard-to-reach areas. 


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