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LASER VISION® training glasses

LASER VISION® training glasses

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Laser Vision® training glasses are designed to restore vision. They do not have the usual correc...

LASER VISION®* training glasses or Pinhole laser-vision-training-glassesglasses train the muscular apparatus of the eyes: they strengthen overly tense eye muscles.

The most famous and common way to deal with vision problems is to wear glasses all the time. But this method does not protect against the development of myopia or hyperopia.

If the doctor prescribed glasses with lenses, then they only partially compensate for the lost vision functions. The eyes quickly get used to the lenses, the muscles continue to weaken or become unnecessarily tense. As a result, glasses have to be changed to stronger ones.

The therapeutic effect of LASER VISION and the use of LASER VISION training glasses is extremely high.

Clinical testing of glasses, held at the Ukrainian Research Institute of Eye Diseases

and Tissue Therapy named after Academician V.P. Filatov of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine confirmed their healing properties. In some patients, vision improved significantly, in others the progressive deterioration stopped, there were cases of improvement in vision up to four diopters per month. how-to-wear-laser-vision

Wearing LASER VISION glasses every day for half an hour helps to correct visual disorders, and for many - to completely restore it.

LASER VISION glasses, also known as Pinhole Glasses, are absolutely harmless

Нave excellent corrective ability, help with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, asthenopia (eye fatigue) and other eye diseases. They allow you to remove the spasm of accommodation, significantly improve color and contrast sensitivity.

laser-vision-for-eyesLASER VISION stop the progression of cataracts and glaucoma (at the initial stage), with retinal detachment - control the movement of the eyeballs. The healing properties of training glasses are not lost over time.

To maintain normal vision, it is enough to wear pinhole glasses for 30 minutes daily (while you can write, read, use them to work at a computer, watch TV in them or go for a walk).

LASER VISION® glasses are universal, the distance between the centers of the eyes doeslaser-vision-for-kids not matter. They are equally suitable for people with age-related farsightedness or with progressive myopia.

For preventive purposes, every family needs LASER VISION training glasses, even if no one in it wears ordinary glasses.

It is a mistake to suppose that any dark glasses protect the eyes. The most dangerous is the use of glasses with increased transmission in the ultraviolet and blue ranges.

laser-vision-for-kidsLASER VISION is the perfect replacement for sunglasses. By eliminating glare, they do not darken the field of view or distort true colors.

LASER VISION glasses are approved for use in medical practice. Many ophthalmologists are already familiar with LASER VISION glasses and use them effectively in their practice.


Be careful!

Fakes Pinhole Glasses have appeared; for every pair of original glasses there are 7-8 fakes. Fakes are much cheaper, but they do not have healing properties and can be harmful.laser-vision-original

To protect against counterfeiting, glasses lenses are marked with an embossed inscription LASER VISION www.invet.net. The official distributor of LASER VISION products is CCC “INVET”. With the glasses you will receive an e-mail version of the User’s Manual with a description of the principles of operation and the rules for their use.

*LASER VISION®  - is a registered trade mark of Consultative and Commercial Center “INVET”