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ENART 911-L1 biofeedback device

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The ENART® 911-L1 is an advanced biofeedback device with a wide range of treatment modes and customizable parameters, as well as a unique function to automatically determine the highest priority zones for treatment on the body.
This device can be upgraded to ENART 911-L2.

ENART 911-L1 is the latest device that can help with a variety of health problems, from eliminating the symptoms of a cold to improving the condition of cancer patients.

ENART 911-L1 is also the ideal tool for pain relief of any origin.

The unique ability to search for points of highest priority for treatment for various diseases, a large selection of treatment modes and a wide range of settings make this device one of the best options for both professionals and self-treatment at home!

ENART 911-L1 will allow you to cope with health problems and will become an indispensable tool for drug-free healing of the body.

Features of the ENART 911-L1 device

• Automatic detection and sound notification to the user of points that are the most priority ones for treatment.

Thanks to this unique function, the control of the device during diagnosis and treatment becomes as simple and convenient as possible, so that even people without special skills and knowledge can treat with high efficiency and get excellent results.

• The device has an adjustable energy level of impact. This allows comfortable treatment for patients with high sensitivity to electrical impulse effects, including children. 

• The LCD of the device shows the duration of each contact with the skin and the total treatment time.

• In the memory of the device, the user can save up to 20 sets of settings for the mode parameters created by them and load them in the future.

• A “TIMER” option, thanks to which the user can set the treatment time up to 30 minutes.

• The ability to adjust a number of parameters, including the amplitude of the first phase of the pulse.

For most other similar devices, the amplitude of the first phase of the pulse is set by the manufacturer and cannot be changed by the user. This value ranges from 10 V in some early models to 70 V in newer ones.

The second phase of the pulse is modified in accordance with the reaction of the body to the impact of the device. Thus, depending on the pre-set value of the amplitude of the first phase of the pulse, the devices are more effective in the treatment of some diseases, but less effective in the treatment of other diseases.

For example, one device may be more effective in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, while others are best for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and still others are more effective for the treatment of internal organs, etc.

This fact is well known to practitioners with extensive experience with various biofeedback devices.

• ONLY IN THE ENART 900 SERIES, FOR THE FIRST TIME, it became possible to change the amplitude of the first phase of the pulse. You can set different values for the amplitude of the first phase of the impulse to obtain the optimal parameters of the device's acting impulse for treatment in all cases.

• The “SENS” parameter allows you to change the sensitivity of the device. This setting is very useful when using the device on particularly sensitive areas of the body (for example, mucous membranes) or, conversely, when treating dry or rough skin, when for the correct operation of the device it is necessary to change its sensitivity.

• Special treatment mode in ENART 911 devices: “MCONST” - continuous multifunctional treatment mode for non-contact treatment of body parts (treatment can be carried out by placing the device electrodes at a distance of about 5 mm from the skin surface).

This mode is perfect for the treatment of open wounds and other damage to the skin, when it is not possible to ensure close contact between the electrodes of the device and the skin.

You will be able to work in this mode both with built-in electrodes of the device and with remote electrodes compatible with ENART devices.

• One of the advantages of the ENART 911-L1 device, which puts it one step ahead of other competitors, is the ability to control the treatment process not only when the device is repositioned from one point to another, but also in motion, without interrupting the contact of the electrode of the device with the skin.

• A significant advantage of the ENART 911-L1 model is the ability to upgrade to the ENART® 911-L2 level without sending the device to the manufacturer.

• Thus, you can purchase the ENART 911-L1 device, and then, if necessary, upgrade it to the ENART 911-L2, thereby increasing the functionality of the device and expanding its scope. 

Specifications of the ENART 911-L1 device - Table 1.

• The built-in electrode of the ENART 911-L1 device consists of three arcuate plates arranged in parallel, mounted on the front end and rear parts of the device body. 

• The ENART 911-L1 device gives the ability to connect remote electrodes with various purposes, which increases the usability of the device and the accuracy of treatment of any - even the most inaccessible - areas of the body.

In the “Accessories” section, you can get additional information about all types of remote electrodes offered by CCC “INVET”.

*ENART®  - is a registered trade mark of Consultative and Commercial Center INVET®

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