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Feedback on the results of working with the ENART 911 device

We present to your attention fragments of a letter from one of the authoritative specialists in sports medicine and a user of the ENART® 911 device:

"And now a few words on the technology itself:

https://enafeedback-on-the-results-of-working-with-the-enart-911-deviceYes, it works and in many ways gives impressive results.

I was specifically convinced of this myself, having got out of an extremely difficult situation with health thanks exclusively to work on myself with the ENART 911 device.

Furthermore, there have been positive results in patients (Kyiv and Dnepropetrovskthe-ukrainian-olympic-team-in-road-cycling groups) with very difficult problems in the spine, legs and feet. 

This inspired confidence and tuned me in a positive way. 

Further, good results followed one after another!

For myself I made a specific conclusion, based on the results: ENART 911 is a whole creative laboratory for thinking professionals in the field of rehabilitation medicine and health improvement. The main thing is to understand all this.

May God grant you creative longevity and good luck in your future plans in the field of advanced scientific technology in rehabilitation medicine."


Vitalii H., Ukraine, veteran of rehabilitation medicine, former chief rehabilitation specialist of the Ukrainian Olympic team in road cycling.
December 31, 2021

*ENART®  - is a registered trade mark of Consultative and Commercial Center "INVET"


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