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"Information cleaning of the spine" according to Gorfinkel with ENART device


Today we want to tell you about one of the most unusual and also effective methods of improving health with the help of biofeedback electropulse devices, namely the ENART® 900 series.

We will talk about a technique known as "Information cleaning of the spine" according to Gorfinkel.

This interesting method is many years old, however, a lot of users are unfamiliar with it.

It is recommended for many diseases, when the patient cannot say exactly where it hurts; with neuroses, psycho-emotional disorders, and with weakness and chronic fatigue syndrome.

In this article, we will show you how to perform this procedure using the ENART® 911 with LCD.

First, turn on the device and activate the "CONST" mode. Set the operating frequency "FREQ" = 120, the number of pulses in the package "INTENS" = 5.

You can read more about how to set these and other parameters in the user manual for the device.

The rest of the parameters are left unchanged.

Apply the built-in electrode of the device on the region of the posterior subcranial fossa, where the atlanto-axial joint is located, i.e. where the skull ends.


Using the "+" button, increase the impact energy until the patient feels a tingling sensation.

During this procedure, it will no longer be possible to reduce (decrease) the impact energy. Therefore, it is necessary from the start to select an energy level at which a slight tingling will be felt. During the procedure, you can only increase energy.

After setting the appropriate energy level, start to smoothly move the device, without lifting it from the skin, from top to bottom down the spine.

If the device is "stuck" in one place, i.e. the electrode stops moving freely over the skin and seems to "stick" to it, this means the device has found a priority point for treatment.

The device must be held for a while on this point.

In "CONST" mode, the device does not signal the end of treatment. Therefore, the user needs to focus on their feelings. When the device has sufficiently treated the priority point, the electrode will seem to “unstick” from the skin, and will be able to move further freely. After that, ontinue the treatment, going down the spine.

On average, this procedure takes about 20 minutes.

When you do the treatment according to Gorfinkel's "Information Cleansing of the Spine" method, you do not need to additionally treat any other zones and points associated with the spine.

The procedure itself is very powerful, so it is advisable to lie down after it.

A person can feel weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, or, on the contrary, a surge of energy, depending on the state of their body.

It is like we go through the entire spine from top to bottom with a brush, thereby cleansing it.

As practice shows, the effect is really good.





Typically, the electrodes of the device are placed along the spine, but can also be placed across.




If the device does not move, i. e. it is stuck, then there is some problem at this point and the device clearly shows it.




So, slowly, it is necessary to go through the entire spine

starting from the subcranial fossa to the coccyx.





If the contact of the electrodes with the skin is interrupted, it is recommended to go back up a little and start the treatment from this place again.

And remember in future to make sure that the electrodes do not come off the skin. There is no need to put pressure on the device or push it - just hold it a little. And in places where additional treatment is needed, it will stop, as if "sticking" to the skin.

These are some of the features of electropulse therapy devices.

During the procedure, various sensations may occur. For example numbness of the fingers may be felt. However, on approach to the thoracic region, the patient will feel that the impact has gone to the fingers and the numbness disappears.

There is another modification of this technique.

The treatment is also performed from top to bottom, not along the spine itself, but along the paravertebral lines.





These are on either side of the spine, at a distance approximately equal to the width of the built-in electrodes of the device.




It is necessary to start treatment to the left of the spine. 

When treating along paravertebral lines, it is necessary to set "FREQ" = 60 and "INTENS" = 3.

The technique of "Information cleaning of the spine" according to Gorfinkel allows you to solve problems with chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia.

It can sometimes happen that the device "sticks" for a long time at one point (up to 10 minutes or more).

In this case, the device can be moved further when the treatment of the zone is completed and the device "unsticks".

This is a very effective and powerful technique.

When a patient cannot determine what their problem is, treatment can begin with Gorfinkel's "Information cleaning of the spine".

This will not only improve the general condition of the patient, the points where the device will "stick" for a long time will indicate the approximate location of areas or organs that require treatment.

At the next sessions, it will be possible to purposefully diagnose these areas.
It is sufficient to carry out 1-2 procedures in order to learn to distinguish the moments when the device "sticks".

We hope that this technique will be useful for you and will improve your health.


*ENART®  - is a registered trade mark of Consultative and Commercial Center INVET®


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