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ENART 801-V5 device

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Enart 801-v5 is a model of biofeedback device for personal/home and for professional usage.

enart 801-V5 device

The device furnished with:

  •   LCD display, which displays the mode, settings and measurement results
  •   Backlight - necessary in case of poor lighting
  •   Charge Indication of battery - in case of discharge the device turns off automaticallyenart 801-V5
  •   A stopwatch that counts the time of contact with the skin during a treatment session
  •   Timer with adjustable time for convenience of usage: Max 5.0 min, Min 0.5 min
  •   The body of the device is metal, which makes the device more durable
  •   The device also comes with a leather case to protect the device from damage.


The ENART® 801-V5 device has 4 exposure modes:


Diagnostic and individually dosed mode of treatment.
It is possible to use this mode both when moving the device between areas on the skin and statically in one zone of exposure. It is needed for individual dosing, depending on the body's reaction to exposure.
It enables the user to:

  •   change the energy level from 0% to 99% (INTENS, 0% ... 99%);
  •   adjust the frequency of the output pulse in the range 20Hz - 200Hz (FREQ CON 20Hz ... 200Hz);
  •   adjust the sound and light signaling "Doses" (Dose 1) and "0" (Dose 2).


 This is a continuous Stimulation mode for general purposes.
It is necessary for use in treatment of large areas and allows continuous movement of the device over the surface of the skin. It is also necessary for determination of the asymmetries that appear on the skin during treatment and to indicate when a zone needs additional specific treatment.
It can be used either moving across the skin or statically.
It allows the user to:

  •   change energy level from 0% to 99%
  •    adjust processing frequency in the range of 1Hz - 200Hz,
  •    adjust Frequency deviation (FREQDEV +/-%) from 0% to 100%,
  •    change Frequency Deviation period (FREQPER 0.5 minutes) from 0.5 minutes to 5.0 minutes (0.5 minutes per time (at one time),
  •    change energy level from Energy High to Energy Low for use in the treatment of children and when working in sensitive areas.


Interval mode of treatment.
It is necessary for processing in one zone (without moving the device).
It is used in certain areas to influence atonic (weakened) internal organs of the body, the musculoskeletal system, in chronic and acute conditions, to stimulate muscle contraction.
In this mode it is possible to change:

  •   energy level from 0% to 99%,
  •   frequency in the range of 1Hz - 200Hz,
  •   Stimulation / Pause ratio adjustable 0.5 seconds per time (one time) from 1:1 seconds (Stimul -1.0s) to 0.5:1 (Stimul - 0.5s) or 5:1 seconds (Stimul -5.0s),
  •   timer function, 0.5 minutes at a time from 5.0 minutes (Timer 5.0 minutes) to 0.5 minutes (Timer 0.5 minutes) with the option to turn off (timer off)
  •   the energy level from High to Low in treatment of children and on sensitive areas.


Variable (alternative) mode for treatment. It is used when using the device in stationary mode.
The device in this mode changes the default frequency of 100Hz within the frequency range of 10Hz - 200Hz in a two minute period.
With this effect, an active "charging" of the treatment area occurs and the result is achieved faster.

In the mode it is possible to change:

  •   the energy level from 0% to 99%,
  •   the frequency within the range of 1Hz - 200Hz,
  •   frequency deviation from 100% to 0%, - timer setting 0.5 minutes at a time from 2.0 minutes to 0.5 minutes or 5.0 minutes, no shutdown option,
  •   the energy level from High to Low in treatment of children and on sensitive areas.

In any of the modes, it is possible to connect remote electrodes.
The remote electrodes significantly increase the effectiveness of usage, making it convenient to carry out treatment, especially when it is necessary to treat hard-to-reach areas.

• Device power: two AA-1.5V batteries or one 9V battery, disposable or rechargeable.
• Overall dimensions: 198 x 55 x 45 mm;
• Weight: 360 grams.

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