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Prologue biofeedback device

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The Prologue-02 is a biofeedback device incorporating a display panel for professional and home use.
Prologue 02 can be used at any place and in any case: at home, in the hospital or in a clinic.


Features of the Prologue-02 include:

Automatic adjustment of the electromagnetic output pulse by using biofeedback from the patient
High effectiveness of physiological therapy: the patient feels improvement usually after the first procedure
Advanced indication system of the stimulation mode
Variable or fixed frequency stimulation
Interval (Intermittent) or сontinuous stimulation
Double dosing (Dose 1/Dose and Dose 2/Zero)
Special individual dosing mode that works with intermittent or continuous stimulation and with variable frequency
Wide frequency range
Built-in timer and stopwatch
Original, convenient design of the built-in electrode
Possibility to connect additional remote electrodes (probes)
Powered by standard replaceable or rechargeable batteries
Ease of cleaning and disinfection
Has a sturdy metal case


The Prologue-02 costs would soon be recovered in the cast of professional treatments.
Please contact us if you would like to buy the Prologue-02.

Review on the device Prologue-02

I help many poor people. My own mother lived an extra 7 years because of this TRULY AMAZING technology. What I have witnessed, I can only call "slow miracles". I am MOST GRATEFUL for your help.

Joyce E., USA


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