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Scenar Ritm biofeedback device

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SCENAR professional Ritm device (with display) - suitable for professional use in various medical institutions, as well as for individual use at home.

Operational capabilities of the SCENAR Professional Ritm device:

a histogram displayed on the screen graphically represents the parameters of the body's reactions;

KEY-IN function (INPUT) - to enter 5 personal settings of various parameters to simplify devace usage in everyday practice.

HIGHE+ or HIGHE– function: necessary to adjust the energy level of the output pulse - high (HIGHE+) or low (HIGHE –), switched using the "+" or "-" buttons respectively.

the function HIGHE - (low energy) is recommended when applying on sensitive areas of the body, treating children or to save battery power;

backlight – “LIGHT+” and “LIGHT–” function (ON/OFF) – turns on the backlight for 5 sec, by pressing any button, it is convenient for work in poor lighting conditions, but it increase the battery consumption;

for playing a melody when the device is turned on, the “MELODY +” or “MELODY-“ function is built-in;

to switch dosed stimulation algorithms  the ALG (algorithm) function is built-in. The device provides the following algorithms: D - differential algorithm, I - integral algorithm.

In the SCENAR Professional Ritm due to biofeedback, the pulses of the device are set automatically set according to respond of the body. This provides an individually dosed treatment for each patient.

Review on the device Scenar Professional Ritm

I use ENART every day successfully (especially, for pain removal), although I usually use Scenar Ritm and sometimes Cosmodic 735 Ag modific. But, to tell you the truth, I started to use ENART in most cases. It’s very convenient to search individual treatment points (zones) when hearing 3 audio signals.

Warm hugs from Spain.

Jesus Martinez, Spain


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